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How to add Adblue to a diesel VW Transporter

In this guide, we look at utilising AdBlue in diesel VW T6.1 Transporter vans. We will show you how you will know when you should fill your AdBlue tank and how to fill it when it needs topping up.

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Checking your current AdBlue level 

To start you should sit behind the wheel of the van and turn the ignition on. 

In a VW T6.1 Transporter van, there is a menu button on the right-hand side of the steering wheel that takes you to a number of different settings and controls.

How to add Adblue to a diesel VW Transporter

From here, you should select ‘Driving data’ and click ‘Ok’.

How to add Adblue to a diesel VW Transporter

Once you have done this, you will be presented with ‘AdBlue range’, which tells you the distance that you have covered and how many miles you have left until your AdBlue is empty.

How to add Adblue to a diesel VW Transporter

Refilling your AdBlue tank

  1. The AdBlue filling point can be found on the front passenger side of the vehicle, beneath the diesel cap. To access this, you will need to open the passenger door
    How to add Adblue to a diesel VW Transporter
  2. To fill the AdBlue tank, simply take the AdBlue tank cap off, put it to one side, and attach an anti-spill nozzle to the AdBlue container 
    How to add Adblue to a diesel VW Transporter-2
  3. Slowly pour the AdBlue from the container into the tank
    How to add Adblue to a diesel VW Transporter-3
  4. It is advisable to check the ‘AdBlue’ range on the dashboard every 30 seconds so that you don’t overfill the tank

How much AdBlue should be added?

On a VW T6.1, the AdBlue tank can hold 13 litres. This will typically last you 6000 miles. Like your fuel, the AdBlue level can be displayed on your dashboard anytime you need to check it.

What does AdBlue range mean?

‘AdBlue range’ is a menu screen presented on the ‘Driving data’ menu of your VW T6.1 dashboard. This refers to the distance you can drive between refills of your AdBlue tank.

What should I do if I put AdBlue in the wrong tank or another fluid in my AdBlue tank?

If you have incorrectly put AdBlue in your fuel tank or anywhere else in your vehicle, or you have put another fluid in your AdBlue tank, we strongly advise that you do not start your engine and drive your vehicle. You should contact a mechanic to resolve this issue, as driving the vehicle could cause serious damage to the engine.

Watch our video guide 

For further assistance in adding AdBlue to your VW Transporter, watch our handy video guide below.

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