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How to change the wheel on a VW Transporter T6.1

In this video guide, we guide you through the process of changing the wheel on a VW Transporter T6.1 campervan in the event of a flat tyre or puncture.

This guide is specifically intended for standard 16″ Volkswagen wheels.

For upgraded wheels, there are several extra steps that we suggest that you follow. If you have a flat in either of your front tyres, you must replace the front wheel with the flat tyre with one of the other upgraded alloy wheels and put the 16″ spare wheel on the back.

When fitting the 16″ spare wheel, you must use the original Volkswagen wheel bolts that came with your campervan, not the aftermarket bolts that were provided with your upgraded wheels.

It should also be noted that upgraded alloy wheels will not fit into the wheel cradle under the van, so must be placed inside the campervan. When placing a wheel inside your van, we recommend putting something on the floor to lay it on, as the tyres can mark the lino floor.

We don’t recommend using the 16″ spare wheel for any prolonged amount of time. 

Watch the video guide below to find out more.


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