How to maintain your leisure battery

In this guide, we look at the best ways of maintaining the leisure battery found in your CamperKing VW Transporter campervan conversion.

The leisure battery is one of the most important parts of your campervan conversion, so it’s essential that you look after it properly. This guide will provide best practice advice for maintaining your leisure battery.

Regularly charging the battery

We recommend driving the vehicle for at least 1 hour once a week to charge both the van battery and the leisure battery. We also recommend that you hook up the vehicle up to mains electric at least once a month depending upon usage. This will ensure the battery is optimally charged and conditioned.

Turn off everything when not in use

We recommend turning everything off when not being used, especially the fridge. If possible, the fridge should also be set on a medium to low setting whenever not hooked up. This is because the fridge is the largest draw of power from the leisure battery. The fridge should also show ‘VENT’ on the door catch when NOT in use. When in use, that catch should be switched to a blank side to ensure the cold air is kept in the fridge.

Ensure you charge the leisure battery using a mains hook up

Continuous use of the leisure battery without charging by mains hook up will drain the leisure battery to the point it will no longer hold a charge. This means a leisure battery replacement will be required.

Be mindful not to keep the battery on mains hook up whilst the conversion is not in use

Keeping the battery on mains hook up when the conversion is not in use can also cause damage to the leisure battery. This can also result in your leisure battery needing to be replaced.

Hook up to the mains after every use of the leisure battery

After every use of the leisure battery, we advise hooking up to the mains to fully recharge and condition the batteries. This will stop the batteries from being fully discharged and will prevent damage to the battery cells that will affect the battery's health.

How long will my leisure battery last?

How long your leisure battery will last after a full charge depends on several factors, these include how it has been conditioned, the ambient outside temperature, and the appliances you are powering with it.
As a general rule though, we would expect anywhere from 12 hours to 48 hours of usage. However, depending on the demand, this can increase or decrease.
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