How to maintain your VW Campervan pop-top roof

It's vital that care is taken to look after the roof tent, and to perform basic maintenance on it from time to time.

The CamperKing pop-top roof is custom-made for our conversions and comes with a breathable polyester roof tent.

Most important, the tent fabric requires thorough drying if it has gotten wet in the rain, for example. We suggest leaving it no more than 48 hours, where possible, to air the fabric and dry out all the residual dampness. This will help ensure you don't experience mould or mildew growth, and will help to protect against degradation of the fabric.

Secondly, we recommend reproofing your tent fabric at least once a year. This can be done with a proprietary waterproofing solution, or you can return your campervan to CamperKing HQ to benefit from our tent reproofing service, priced at £102 incl. VAT.

Another great tip to ensure you get years of use from your roof tent, is to ensure it doesn't get snagged beneath the roof itself when stowing it away. Do this by pulling the fabric inward from inside the vehicle as you pull the roof down.